A variety of students are supported by the Learning Mentor including those who are underachieving, have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, are unable to work in groups, display inappropriate classroom behaviour or have difficulty dealing with anger or grief. These children will be identified as those making less progress than their potential, demotivated, lacking self-esteem or fallen behind with their work and find communication with both adults and their peers difficult.

Identified children will be supported with parental consent and support. The children will have individual action plans which will specify targets and how progress will be monitored, reviewed and evaluated. The learning mentor will support children who are facing barriers to learning and participation and work with teachers/parents to construct a support network for children with specified target groups. The work of the Learning Mentor complements the existing work done by teachers.


  • To increase self-confidence and self-esteem and raise standards
  • To raise standards in children displaying inappropriate classroom behaviour with the use of “Behaviour UK”CD workshop
  • To improve engagement and attainment in learning, particularly for underachieving groups/individuals
  • To develop self-awareness and an awareness of others –keeping healthy and living safe lifestyles
  • To increase knowledge of anger and its effect on others and dealing with bullying and anti-social behaviour
  • To create smoother and more efficient transition between primary andsecondary school with the delivery of PSHE –sex education, drugs, development and compilation of individual portfolios
  • To provide support for children who have difficulty concentrating with the use of the “Memory Booster CD workshop”
  • To provide support and delivery of the LUCID and LUCID COPS diagnostic testing to assess children’ learning and determine areas for improvement
  • To deliver circle time throughout the school to ensure children’ personal, social and emotional well-being are being developed (Every Child Matters)
  • To provide and support children/parents who need therapy/counselling due to abuse, neglect, bereavement, anger management