History is about people and events in the past. As young children can have little appreciation of the concept of time, we begin with the child’s interest in his/her own family and make comparisons between his/her life and that of his/her parents and grandparents. We start in Reception, where work is based on areas within their immediate experience of family, toys, clothes, school, festivals etc. Children always enjoy the story aspect of History and we build on this to encourage them to differentiate between real and fictional accounts and stories, to identify differences between the Past and the Present, to describe and explain historical changes and to offer reasons for cause and effect.

Children are encouraged to take an interest in the Past and ask questions, to look at evidence and draw conclusions and to think about points of view. They are given the opportunity to communicate this understanding through oral accounts, art and craft work (pictures and models) Dance and Drama.We also study the local environment of Peckham, which is a rich source of interest and make full use of public places in London. At St Francis Primary School, History is taught through subjects such as World War 2, Toys, Ancient Greeks, the Mayans and Ancient Egypt. Children learn to use a variety of historical sources, including pictures, photos, documents and artefacts and to present what they find out in different ways.

The learning of History is enriched by trips including the local area of Peckham, The British Museum, The Toy Museum and The Tower of London. As parents/carers, we encourage you to explore the history of places you visit (UK or abroad) with your children, whenever the opportunity arises.

Year 2 visited the Museum of London to see the ‘Fire, Fire’ exhibition.

We experience the destruction of London at the time, and explored the evidence to find out how the city rose from the ashes.

Policy for History