¡Buenos días!:-)

Since the start of last school year Spanish language – the 3rd most spoken language in the world – has become a compulsory element of the primary curriculum at St Francis school. Currently Ks2 children learn Spanish for 30 minutes a week. We wish to teach our children a language which will positively influence their future professional careers and allow them to explore the world with greater freedom. At the same time we would like to celebrate the growing number of heritage languages we have in school.

On the European day of languages, as part of the launch party for Spanish language,  we organised an incredibly successful workshop where children had the opportunity to learn various Spanish regional dances and familiarize themselves with the basics of Spanish culture. It was a spectacular success and a great start of our adventure with this language.

Children listen to traditional songs and stories and develop their inter cultural understanding of life in different Spanish speaking countries. Activities expand their basic knowledge of Spanish phrases and vocabulary. We aim to progress with the language level and incorporate a wider range of language learning strategies and focus on the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

¡Que tengáis un buen dia!


The National Curriculum for MFL and our progression of skills aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • To develop an interest in learning other languages.
  • To introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating.
  • To encourage children’s confidence and creative skills through the exploration of another language.
  • To stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language.
  • To help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries.
  • To develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • To lay the foundations for future language learning.

The core language taught at St Francis is Spanish. Children have a weekly half hour Spanish lesson throughout Key Stage 2. All children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of Spanish in order to adequately prepare them for further language acquisition in KS3.

The units are planned for progression throughout the Key Stage using ‘Jolie Ronde’ scheme of work. These units are broken down and are planned for by the teachers using medium term plans.  Areas covered across the Key Stage include: numbers, colours, house and home, in town, food and drink, the classroom, clothes and hobbies.

To enable our children to celebrate and welcome differences in our world it is vital they have an understanding of different languages, countries and cultures.  By introducing and exposing our children to this they will have a deepened ability to show respect and play a valuable part in our global society.

Every year, as a school, we celebrate European Day of Languages where children embrace the many languages of Europe through many cross curricular, creative activities.

It is intended that when pupils leave St Francis they will have met the attainment targets in the MFL programme of study.

Though our MFL curriculum, we aim to inspire a love of language as part of their lifelong journey of learning.  We endeavour to nurture a natural curiosity and confidence to explore other countries, cultures and languages, accepting that, in a multi-lingual society it is a valuable skill to be able to communicate effectively with others in another language.