The gate opens at 8.50am. 

All KS2 children go straight to their class. Early Years & KS1 children must be taken by and adult to their classroom door where they will be met by a member of staff. Parents/ Carers are asked not to enter the cloak room/classroom at any time as these areas become very crowded, and can cause confusion and distress to young children.                                                                                                

If a child arrives after 8.55am they will need to give their name to the member of Senior Leadership / Admin staff on gate duty. This system is in place to ensure that children are marked in for the day, as the class register will have already been done. 

The gate is opened at 3.25pm each day. 

Please note school ends at 3.30 p.m. and prompt collection is essential.

KS1 children must be collected from their classroom door by an adult (18 +).  KS2 children may go to meet their parents in the KS2 playground/ at the gate. If the parent is not there at the appropriate time the children must return to the foyer area of the school. Please make sure your KS2 child understands that he/she must stay on school premises and report to the office if they are not collected at 3.30pm.

These rules are there purely for your child’s safety – please help us in that important task.

KS1 8.55am -12.00pm – 1.10pm – 3.30pm

KS2 8.55am -12.30pm –  1.30pm – 3.30pm

Nursery 8.55am -12pm – 1.10pm –  3.30pm