When your child begins his/her final year at St. Francis, i.e. the year in which his/her eleventh birthday will take place, the procedure for Secondary School allocation will begin.

Application is made via the Common Application Form (CAF) and must be made through the Local Authority/Borough in which you live, for all schools except Independent/Private Schools. Catholic Secondary Schools require parents and carers to complete a supplementary form, which is countersigned by their Parish Priest and is returned directly to the school they are applying to.

Our area also has a number of fee-paying schools to which you can make application. Each of these schools operates its own entrance system. You will need to apply directly to the school.

Arrangements for secondary transfer are constantly being changed. Because of the changing circumstances in numbers of pupils and the conditions of schools the Authority’s policy sometimes has to change. The school will keep parents fully informed of any developments through support meetings and workshops. Please don’t assume that the arrangements described above will automatically apply when your child reaches eleven.

The Local Catholic Secondary Schools are:

Other schools within travelling distance are:

The children from St. Francis go to a variety of schools. Many of our girls attend Notre Dame, Southwark and some go to St Ursula’s in Greenwich, while the majority of our boys go to St Thomas’ College, Peckham. Many pupils go on to Sacred Heart School, Camberwell, St Michael’s in Bermondsey, Notre Dame & St. Thomas the Apostle College.