School Food Ambassadors is a pupil voice programme that involves a group of pupils becoming elected to monitor school food with the support of a key member of staff. They give feedback from their peers alongside evidence from monitoring to the school cook and senior leadership to influence change. It is all about pupils taking the lead for their own school food provision to improve its quality, increase uptake and enhance the overall dining experience beyond lunch times.

School Food Ambassadors encourages schools to take a shared responsibility for school food and lead the change through the eyes of the pupils.

The aims and objectives of the Food Ambassadors at St Francis RC Primary School are:

  • To work with caterers, school staff and peers to continue to improve menus so that healthy, tasty options are always promoted.
  • To lead whole-school assemblies to inform everyone about making sensible changes and the importance of eating a balanced diet.
  • To develop ways to promote healthy lunchboxes and audit these during lunch-times.
  • To encourage pupils to drink water every day as remaining hydrated is very important.
  • To allow children to have a ‘voice’ and to share their opinions and ideas with others.
  • To allow children to become more responsible and actively involved in the decision making process of the school, and to be involved in decisions that directly affect them.

Food Ambassadors 2023-2024