St Francis Catholic Primary School
Website Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to our school website We want all visitors to be able to use the website as fully as possible. This means you can:

  • Increase and decrease the size of the text
  • Zoom in up to 200%
  • Convert the entire site to grayscale
  • Change colours, contrast levels and fonts

We acknowledge that some parts of the website are not yet fully accessible, e.g.

  • You cannot navigate the website using just a keyboard
  • You cannot navigate the website using speech recognition software
  • You cannot listen to most of the website using a screen reader
  • You cannot modify the line height or the spacing if the text
  • PDF documents published are not generally fully accessible (we will strive to publish future
  • PDF documents that meet accessibility standards). We do not plan to retrospectively fix
    existing PDFs.
  • Images do not have a text equivalent

This means that the website is only partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility guidelines version 2.1

We’ve assessed the feasibility of fixing the issues detailed above and believe that doing so at this time would be a disproportionate burden within the meaning of the accessibility regulations. This is because, as a third party application, we do not have direct access to the underlying code and cannot make the necessary changes to fix the above issues. We have flagged the issues to the third party provider and they will, in partnership with the school, work to expedite fixes in due course.

AbilityNet offers advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.